空間無心 Kuukanmushin

The Club Logo

Who We Are

We are a small training group in Basingstoke and Whiteley, studying the arts brought together under the Bujinkan banner by Hatsumi Masaaki. We are also a part of the BWS (Budo Warrior Schools), which is a UK organisation run by Marc Moor, bringing many small Bujinkan clubs together.

The Bujinkan is a martial system comprising six traditional samurai and three traditional shinobi schools which is as relevant today as it was over a thousand years ago. It emphasises principles over techniques, and these principles are as valid in unarmed combat as they are when facing weapons – either an ancient samurai warrior swinging a katana or a thug on today’s streets swinging a baseball bat.

Techniques are shown to demonstrate the principles. These techniques cover punches and kicks, grappling, throwing, breakfalling and rolling, as well as use of traditional weapons such as katana (sword), tanto (knife), bo (6ft staff), hanbo (3ft staff), shuriken (throwing stars), along with a range of more esoteric weaponry. Most modern weapons are covered under the study of these traditional forms.

There are no tournaments to compete in to achieve prizes; the emphasis is on learning effective movement to keep oneself out of harm without the restrictions imposed by the rules required of a sporting competition. Training is conducted in a non-competitive, friendly atmosphere, where everyone is encouraged to improve themselves as well as each other.

The logo combines two of the principles I find most elucidating within the Bujinkan:

  • Kū is ‘void’, kan means ‘space’ – kūkan: empty space
  • Mu means ‘not’, shin is ‘mind’ – mushin: no mind

Training Times & Location

Sundays 12:30 to 14:30
Rucstall Community Centre
3 Holbein Close
Black Dam
Basingstoke   RG21 3EX

Fridays 16:30 to 18:30
Meadowside Leisure Centre
Whiteley Village   PO15 7LJ


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